Jennycliff and why to visit the beach!

We (Karen and I) have been spending a lot of time at Jennicliffe during lockdown, especially since we decided to (finally) ignore the “Path Closed” sign and go down to the beach.  What a surprise!  It’s given the whole area a new lease of life for us.  Im not sure if we should be going there, going around some fencing thats been put up but with enough space to get past, but there are always people there enjoying the quiet!  I have dropped a couple of notes to Plymouth City Council to find out what the score is but have yet to get a response.  In the meatime, I’m satisfied that its safe enough, the stairs are clear and the route seems stable.  Anyway…

The views from the top near the coffee shop are amazing, you can see across to Cawsands, the Tamar and the Hoe, plus some inlets that cant be seen around the corner from most of Plymouth.  These are always busy with the boats always up to something worth watching.

Once you get down the steps (which are quite steep!) you really get a surprise, its a short stony beach, plus rockpools and cliffs to explore.  A fair few people use this beach to launch (mainly inflatable) canoes and boards which I imagine is down to the free (yes free!) car park…  Its perfect for this, partly as it doesnt get deep quickly and you can still stand up quite a way out.

The view from the beach is just wonderful, as its a little bit secluded its calm, wind free and the water is really flat (which sounds silly) and not as choppy as the rest of the sound gets…

I really can’t recommend getting to know this place enough, with free parking, the coffee shop, the views and its location just a couple of miles out of Plymstock, its got to be done!

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