IT Support At Home – Laptops, Wi-Fi, Backups and more

We had another session booked today with a family in Stonehouse with a range of small-ish, but annoying, issues.  In two hours we managed to sort out the following:

A laptop dropping off the wi-fi – this turned out to be due to some very out of date drivers and its been OK for the last couple of hours since we reinstalled the latest files.

An iPad running out of space and being very slow – as this iPad had never been attached to a PC, we did that, set up accounts and took an archive of most of the photos and videos.  We also went through how to close down and remove apps.  It is a lot happier now!

A Desktop PC that failed a while ago and had pretty much been taking up space ever since – we at least got it to fire up and it is now with us for a few days so that we can diagnose/repair and return it.  It will be needed for homework next year and it looks like a reinstall after we have backed up their photos and everything else will do the job.

The other laptop in the house could not open PDF files (and had some other odd browsing issues) was reset, had chrome installed and had Acrobat and some other extensions installed.  As this was the main laptop, we also set up a backup device to give them some peace of mind.

All told, a couple of hours on site and some problems sorted out.  The family can now have worry free use of their equipment.  Please let me know if you need some help, either with those minor inconveniences or with more complicated issues, we are here to help!



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