How Arrogant! Some Random Bloke Doing Book Reviews! Cheek!

My thoughts exactly, what do I know about reviewing books!  Not a lot, but then who does?  I’m thinking I’ll give an opinion, have a look at what other people have said, say what its like and whether I’ve had fun reading it.  For the record, I get very excited about books, pretty much exclusively older Science Fiction, although I’ll mix in some odds and sods too.

It’ll take a while between instalments as I don’t get time to read as much as I’d like.  I’m keen to have a “reason” to read though, a lot of the time I’ll love a book (or hate one) and nobody else I speak to has heard of it.  Not a lot of room for strenuous debate there!  Also, as I read the same books repeatedly, it would be good to have a reason to put some more thought into the content rather than just wading through them.  A bit of thought and organisation, that’ll make a nice change!

As per the picture above, I am currently smitten with Stanislaw Lem, writer of “Solaris” and many others.  I will probably start with him as I’m in the middle of “Star Diaries” and the Voyages of Ijon Tichy, again.

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