iMac Mid-2010 Upgrade, Time Vault and General Maintenance

We have been busy during lockdown with new clients taking the opportunity to upgrade/update equipment and systems, this is a 2010 Apple iMac that we have updated to the latest (possible) OS, doubled the memory, set up a (much needed) Time Vault drive and generally taken good care of. We have extended the life of the machine, saved the client a pretty penny and sorted out some issues that were stopping it being used properly in the workplace. It will get returned tomorrow, set up and tested properly. Get in touch if you have issues with your PC, Mac or tablet and we can get you running again! #plymouth #ITSupport


Saltram House – There Are Faces In The Trees! Spooooky!

Just a quickie, we have been walking around Saltram House, the Ride and the surrounding area for more than a year and were gutted to suddenly notice these faces halfway up the trees!  Seriously, we notice everything about the place, how did we miss this?  Of course, once we had noticed one, the other two were discovered really quickly.  I am kind of hoping they’ve just been put up, but chances are that they been there for years.

If you’re going to look for these, they are along the side of the path outside of the main Saltram site, one on the Sainsburys side, two on the other side.

Pics below, if you have any information about who put these up and what they represent, we would love to know…