Ask The Earth – Plymouth Home Computer Help & Training

I am launching Ask The Earth as a Home IT Support and Training service, offering the full range of assistance.   Having many years experience in both home and business IT gives this service the skills needed to help Plymouth based residents either make the best of what they have, or help them to repair what is not working.

We are open from 9am to 9pm and start the last appointment of the evening at 7pm.

We can:

Train home users in using their apps/software and take away a lot of frustration.
Set up systems correctly so that they work seamlessly.
Repair broken equipment (mainly at the home) and explain what went wrong.
Set up new equipment or make the current gear work properly.
Advise on new equipment and upgrades to the old.
Improve your network speed and reliability if it is running slowly.
Website Management and Building.

Get in touch on 07792170142,
or via Facebook on