Acer “All In One” Computer Battery Replacement

This PC came to me with a problem, failing to start up with date errors, followed by lots of errors on the POST (the black and white text at startup) and the client needed either a fix, or the files recovered from it.

The BIOS seemed to be losing any settings it had when the system was turned off and so a replacement battery was in order.  The strip down is straighforward on these and I have batteries in stock so we went for that as a “First Time Fix”.

After some testing, the system is OK now and seems to be charging the battery as normal, we will keep an eye on it just in case but it should be fine.  The batteries tend to be a reliable bit of a PC but they do die occasionally.  As the client has a lot of documents and pictures on it that would be a shame to lose, we have also set up an external 500gig USB hard drive and Windows 10 will be taking backup copies of those as they change or add more.

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