What is in a Home IT/Network Health Check?

So, what is covered in a “Home IT/Network Health Check”?

In short, whatever you’ve got!  If you have contacted Ask The Earth, chances are that you have a specific problem that needs fixing, so lets get that done first.  After that, there are probably a list of items that are a concern or just a pain; dropped connections, low speeds, error messages etc.  Let’s focus on those as well and clear the list down as much as possible.

The Health Check is a survey of your network and your gear.  It is making changes as we go along to improve ease of use, speed and convenience.  Some of them are really small changes, but make difference.

In the last few weeks. these are just some of the items we have found and solved at different clients:
Moved the broadband access to the main BT point in a house which had it running faster.
Changed the annoyingly random letter-ed password on the wifi so it is easier, less annoying and faster to connect.
Used a wifi extender to push the signal to the back of a cottage.
Changed the channel the wifi used to stop it competing with neighbours, this is surprisingly effective if you have problems with mobile devices.
Computers And Laptops:
Made sure that updates were going through properly.
Checked for Malware, Antivirus etc. fixing where necessary.
Removing old software and making sure that they are really gone.
Creating Backups and checking that existing backups are working.
Phones and Tablets:
We have set up several phones on PCs and laptops so that you can take backups and transfer between new phones without relying entirely on the sometimes optimistic vendor software.
Again, removing old apps and setting up cloud backups where possible.
Ensuring that these are set up for wifi-calls and updates, saving money.
A client wanted the printer to automatically print in black and white unless told not to, saving lots of cash when her kids printed wads of useless pages from the internet.
Game Consoles and Other Equipment:
There are a hundred tweaks that can make a big difference for gamers, we have set up DMZ for an XBOX, run cabling, prioritised traffic and lots more.

These are just a few items, the health check looks at everything, fixes what can be done at the time and documents the rest.  You get a document with everything listed and links to access everything from a browser.



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